November 24, 2016

Buy ZEC for BTC – Convert Bitcoin to Zcash Anonymously

How To Buy Zcash Anonymously

Zcash is designed for anonymous payments so it is understandable if people don’t want to make an account at cryptocurrency exchange website that has AML/KYC requirements.  We have partnered with to make buying Zcash easy for everyone.  You can use the widget below to buy up to $1000 worth of ZEC with no ID or account required.  There is a small fee included via a slight markup on ZEC price.  Once you buy Zcash an order confirmation will be sent to your email address.

[innocoin id=”3″]

If you need a ZEC address visit:

You can also use Jaxx multi-chain digital asset wallet:

Jaxx wallet supports Zcash on iOS, Windows, Linux and Mobile Devices

how to buy zcash fast