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Go to Forex Trading Platform Forex Trading Platform

Available Worldwide

Trade Bitcoin with 10x Leverage

Forex, Stocks, CFDs 1:1500


Go to BTCUSD Trading Platform BTCUSD Trading Platform

No Margin for U.S. Traders

Buy or Sell Bitcoin Against USD

Trade Bitcoin and Altcoins

Leverage Trade up to 3.3x

Go to BTCCNY Trading Platform BTCCNY Trading Platform

Not Available in U.S.

Trade Bitcoin with 20x Leverage

Bitcoin & Litecoin Futures

Buy Bitcoin & Litecoin w/ CNY

Go to BTCJPY Trading Platform BTCJPY Trading Platform

Available Worldwide

Buy Bitcoin with JPY

Margin trading up to 5x

Trade Cryptocurrencies with Yen

Go to Bitcoin Powered Markets Bitcoin Powered Markets

Available Worldwide

Trade Bitcoin with 10x Leverage

BTCUSD 5 Minute Options

20% Bonus on 1st Deposit

Go to Bitcoin Options & CFD Trading Bitcoin Options & CFD Trading

Available Worldwide

Bitcoin CFD’s 20:1 Leverage

Powerful MT4 Platform

Regulated & Safe Exchange

Go to Forex & Commodity CFDs Forex & Commodity CFDs

Available Worldwide

Trade 5x on BTCUSD CFDs

Long or Short Bitcoin

Regulated Bitcoin CFD’s

Go to Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange

Not Available to U.S.

Trade Futures up to 100x

Zcash, Ether, Factom, Monero

10% fee discount for 6 months

Go to Bitcoin Powered CFD Trading Bitcoin Powered CFD Trading

Available Worldwide

BTCUSD Leverage Trading

Long or Short BTC 10x Leverage

New Social Trading Platform

Go to Evolve.Markets Bitcoin Powered Trading

Evolve.Markets Bitcoin Powered Trading

Available Worldwide

500:1 Max Leverage

Trade Bitcoin w/ MT4

New Markets: OILBTC & XAUBTC

Go to Futures Exchange Futures Exchange

Not Available in U.S.

Trade BTCUSD Futures 6x

BTCUSD 50x Turbo Options

Ripple to USD 8x Leverage

Go to Bitcoin Options Exchange Bitcoin Options Exchange

Not Available in U.S.

Trade Bitcoin Options

Binary & Vanilla Options

Call or Put Bitcoin

What Are Bitcoin Derivatives?

Derivatives Trading Lets You Bet On The Future Price Of Bitcoin

A derivative is a contract that 'derives' its value from the performance of an underlying asset sometime in the future. A bitcoin derivatives market is where you can buy or sell bitcoin futures contracts if you are confident in which direction the bitcoin markets will move. Most derivatives have a settlement date on which all contracts are finalized and your position is liquidated. Bitcoin derivative markets allow traders to leverage their position and make a profit whether the price of bitcoin goes up or down.

In a 'Long' position you are borrowing fiat currency such as USD to buy bitcoin with a goal of selling that bitcoin at a higher price.

In a 'Short' position you are borrowing bitcoins to sell for a fiat currencies with the goal of buying bitcoins back at a lower price.

When your trade ends the loan is repaid and you keep all the profits.

Bitcoin Market Comparison

Learn about the different ways you can profit from bitcoin price movements

BTC Spot Trading

P2P Bitcoin Market
Bitcoin spot trading platforms let users buy and sell bitcoin against a fiat currencies. You can deposit USD, CNY, EUR, JPY, AUD, CAD or INR to invest in bitcoins; or deposit bitcoin to sell for your local currency.

BTC Margin Trading

Leveraged P2P Bitcoin Market
Bitcoin margin trading is borrowing bitcoins or a fiat currency to trade in a live spot market. While margin trading you post collateral in BTC or USD and pay daily interest on your loan until your trade is closed.

BTC Futures Trading

Bitcoin Derivative Contracts
Bitcoin futures platforms let you trade the price of bitcoin some time in the future. Most bitcoin contracts settle either weekly, biweekly and quarterly. Bitcoin futures trading is high leverage and more volatile than spot markets.

Bitcoin Options

Call or Put Bitcoin Strike Price
Bitcoin options let you bet whether the price of bitcoin will be higher or lower at some time in the future. Unlike bitcoin futures you cannot settle the position any time, your trade either wins or loses the maximum once the expiry time is reached.