December 9, 2016

Bitcoin OTC Trading – Buy & Sell BTC Over-The-Counter

Bitcoin OTC Trading Desk one of the largest and oldest bitcoin trading platforms has launched an over the counter marketplace for wealthier investors who want to trade bitcoin without being gouged by high market fees.  In addition to volume based trading fees for spot and margin trading, Bitfinex customers can now post and accept low fee OTC trades for bitcoin.  You can use referrer code ‘iJEOS8Lrjo’ at sign up to save 10% on all fees for 30 days.  If you used our affiliate link you do not need to enter the referrer code.

bitcoin otc marketplace

After you sign up at send an email to to have your account enabled for OTC trades.

The Bitfinex over-the-counter (OTC) market allows for trading directly between two parties without the use of the order book. Traders can coordinate and execute trades without having to expose volumes or prices through the public market, and at specifically agreed upon terms that are immune from slippage.