February 27, 2017

Best Places To Trade Bitcoins in Japan – 2017 Bitcoin Exchange List

Top Bitcoin Exchanges in Japan – Trade JPY for BTC

trading bitcoins japan

Coincheck.jp is the best cryptocurrency trading website in Japan.  Coincheck makes it easy for anyone living in Japan to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Factom & Ripple.  To buy bitcoins on coincheck you need to signup and verify your identity, then make a JPY deposit to the exchanges.  After you have deposited Yen, buying bitcoin is easy:

japan bitcoin trading

In the spot market you can buy bitcoin instantly, then withdraw them to your personal bitcoin wallet.  If you like to trade bitcoins for profit, Coincheck also offers leveraged trading where you can borrow BTC or JPY to long or short bitcoin with up to 5x leverage.  Trading bitcoin on margin is the fastest way to make money on a bitcoin exchange.

When margin trading bitcoin in Japan you will need to deposit collateral to the exchange website before you can trade.  You can use Yen, Bitcoin, or Ether as margin, then trade with 3x leverage instantly.  If you want more leverage on your bitcoin trades you need to submit your ID for verification, then you can trade with 5x.  While trading bitcoin with leverage you will need to pay interest on any borrowed funds, the fees are roughly 0.05% per day.

Coincheck.com is currently running a promotional campaign with negative exchange fees.  That means you are paid up to 0.05% of your trading fee for buying bitcoin with Yen.  Register today and verify your identity to trade!

 Trade Bitcoin Futures in Japan

Quoine.com offers the most leverage in BTCJPY markets.  When you verify your ID on quoine you can trade bitcoin with up to 25x leverage.  A big difference is that you are not trading actual bitcoins, they are contracts bases on the bitcoin price, so there may not be enough liquidity for a large position size.  It is easy to overleverage and lose your money from being liquidated, so trade with caution.  If you want to trade bitcoin futures it is recommended that you use a global exchange like Okcoin.com or Bitmex.com because they have better liquidity, more traders, and more trade volume than quoine.  Bitmex.com offers a 10% fee discount for the first 6 months.

Buy Bitcoin in Japan

BitFlyer.jp is another popular way to trade bitcoin in Japan because you can signup with your facebook account.  Bitflyer is a good place to buy a small amount amount of bitcoin, but Coincheck.com has better fees and offers more leverage to wealthy investors.

Zaif.jp is a bitcoin exchange made popular buy BitGirls, which you may have seen on television.  Zaif is the place to trade bitcoin if you are interested in Counterparty and counterparty assets on the bitcoin blockchain.