February 24, 2017

Best Places To Trade Bitcoin in 2017

Best Bitcoin Trading Platforms

#1  Bitfinex.com:  Spot market, OTC Market, 3.3x leverage trading, margin funding.

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Bitfinex is a leading peer to peer bitcoin exchange that is available to traders worldwide.   If you don’t have any bitcoins yet, Bitfinex is a great place to start.  You can wire money from your bank account to the exchange, then buy bitcoins in their spot market.   If you need to buy a large quantity of bitcoins they have an OTC trading desk that will let you invest with minimal slippage and reduced exchange fees.   Roughly 18% of global bitcoin trade volume occurs on Bitinex.com against the US Dollar.

Bitfinex also offers leveraged margin trading to anyone located outside of the United States.  To trade bitcoin with leverage you will need to transfer collateral (USD or BTC) to your margin account, then you can borrow funds from other users to long or short BTCUSD.  Bitfinex offers up to 3.3x leverage on bitcoin for anyone who wants to hedge their position.

Bitfinex also offers trading for a variety of alternative cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets.  Aside from bitcoin you can trade litecoin, ethereum, ethereum classic, zcash, and monero.

#2 Whaleclub.co: Bitcoin & Dash only platform, 20x leverage trading

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Whaleclub is a simple platform for traders who already own bitcoins.   This site runs 100% on bitcoin, meaning if you want to trade you need to deposit bitcoin, when you close a profitable trade you are paid in bitcoins, and when you want to cash out you will have to withdraw bitcoins.   This is very attractive to many traders because it allows you to open an account and start trading in minutes.   Whaleclub offers up to 10x leverage in their BTCUSD market.  When you signup at Whaleclub you will get a 30% bonus on your 1st bitcoin deposit, then you can long or short bitcoin with just 1 click.

#3 Bitmex.com: Bitcoin derivative contracts, long or short up to 100x leverage

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Bitmex is a gamblers paradise.  With up to 100x leverage, this platform is for anyone who wants high risk high reward bitcoin trading.  On the days where bitcoin is at its most volatile, Bitmex is the place to shoot for that sweet +1000% profit on a single trade.   It’s not as easy as it looks but it is certainly possible to make a killing trading bitcoin with that much leverage.  Like Whaleclub, Bitmex is a Bitcoin only platform.  Bitmex is the only bitcoin derivatives exchange that lets you trade bitcoin against the Dollar, Yuan, or  Yen.  Traders who signup with our link will see a 10% discount on all trading fees for 6 months.